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Jester Genius
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Hey, what do you call 10 super heroes drowning at the bottom of a river?

A good start!

Bahahahahahahahahah! A good start!

And that's what I wanna talk to ya about: a good start...

You're a freak. You know it. I know it. Deal with it.

But ya ain't alone. There's a lot of us freaks out there.

To get started, you need help - (and not the kind Batman wants to get ya at Arkham Asylum)! I'm talkin' real help! To get ahead in life! To get stinkin' rich, to rise in power and infamy!

You need a Freak Show boys and girls! And that's exactly what I'd like ta ask ya to join!

To get a good start, join the Freak Show, part of a nutritious breakfast! Now with more mayhem and chaos!

And before I go, let me ask you: What has 6 eyes but can't see?

3 dead super heroes!


((More information on this league can be found in the About Section))

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